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what is PU polyurethane tactile indicator studs strip tile paving?

what is PU polyurethane tactile indicator studs strip tile paving?

Dalisheng, a leading company that specializes in the production of PU polyurethane tactile indicator studs strip tile paving, is making waves in the industry with its innovative range of products. These tactile indicators, also known as tactile paving, are revolutionizing the way people interact with their surroundings, particularly individuals with visual impairments.


PU polyurethane tactile indicator studs strip tile paving is a specially designed flooring product that features raised and truncated domes or bars. These distinctive patterns provide essential sensory information to individuals with visual impairments, allowing them to navigate their surroundings safely and independently. Dalisheng’s products are recognized for their durability, slip resistance, and excellent response to wear and tear, making them the preferred choice for tactile paving solutions.

One of Dalisheng’s standout products is their PU polyurethane tactile indicator studs. These studs are designed to be easily installed on various surfaces, including sidewalks, train platforms, and pedestrian crossings. The PU polyurethane material used in these studs provides exceptional durability and weather resistance, ensuring a long lifespan even when subjected to harsh environmental conditions.

In addition to studs, Dalisheng also offers PU polyurethane tactile indicator strip tiles, which are commonly used in indoor settings such as hospitals, shopping malls, and educational institutions. These strip tiles provide a visually and tactically distinguishable surface, aiding individuals with visual impairments in maneuvering through public spaces with confidence and ease.

In conclusion, Dalisheng’s PU polyurethane tactile indicator studs strip tile paving is making a significant impact in the industry. With their commitment to quality, innovation, and accessibility, the company is at the forefront of providing durable and reliable solutions for individuals with visual impairments. As the demand for tactile paving continues to grow, Dalisheng’s products are set to play a crucial role in creating more inclusive and accessible public spaces globally.

Post time: Nov-20-2023