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How to install tactile indicator studs tiles paving?

Single 6 steps for tactile indicators studs tiles paving installation guide:

1. prepare the materials needed for tactile indicators studs tiles paving,such as tactile indicators and strips, glue,drill, knife,broom,bucket, installation template,traverse

2. Clean the floor and mark the tactile paving way

3. Put the template on the ground and mark the holes places

4. Drill the holes, blow the dust in the holes, and then put glue in the holes. And also put some glue on the tactile indicators and strips backside

5. Put the tactile indicators and strips on the holes.Then hammer tight the tactile indicator and strips.

6. Clean the glue and adjust the tactile indicator studs and strips distance.After 48 hours, when the glue is dry ,we can walk on the tactile paving.

Dalisheng is specialized manufacturing various tactile indicators studs tile pavings.We have 12 years experience.We have obtained more than 10 invention patents, more than 30 appearance design patents. Our products have been exported to Australia,UAE,Germany,Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, India, Iran, Russia, Turkey, Italy, Poland, France, South Africa, the United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina and other overseas markets and are warmly welcomed by our customers.About Our service,we can provide free sample testing, quotation and solution, after-sales with one year of warranty.

Our main products as follows:

304/316 Stainless steel tactile indicator studs and strips,main size is 280x35x5mm,285x34x5mm,280x40x4mm,290x35x5mm,35x5mm,23mm,25mm,30mm etc

304/316 Stainless steel tactile tile,main size is 300x300mm,250x250mm,400x400mm,300x600mm

PVC/ TPU/rubber/polyurethane tactile tile,main size is 300x300mm,250x250mm,400x400mm,300x600mm

ABS/TPU/polyurethane tactile studs and strip,normal color is yellow,orange,gray. Can design the special color for you.

Brass tactile indicator studs and strip

Carborundum tactile indicator and strips,normal color is yellow and black. Can make special colors.

Aluminum tactile indicator studs

Steel road studs.

Dalisheng’s advantage:

Full experience in production and design tactile indicators studs and strips tiles paving

Various models for your choose. We can design size for you according to your requirements

Fast delivery time. We have many stock for normal models. For special size about 10 days.

Good quality and nice price

100% check before shipping.

Many shipping ways: by air, by sea or by road.

About how to choose the tactile indicator studs and strips tile? I have some advises:

If we use outside, better to choose the 304 or 316 stainless steel tactile tile. Especially for the road near the water, 316 steel is the best. It’s rustproof.

If use inside ,you can choose plastic/PVC/TPU/polyurethane material, as well as stainless steel tactile studs. The self adhesive tactile indicator studs tiles are good choose. It can save installation fee and time.

For walking road outside, better use stainless steel tactile paving, we drill holes and install them. They can stand more time.

In metro station or high way station, better use porcelain ,stone or steel tactile tile plate. There are too many people here.

In supper market or special school, it’s better to use PVC/polyurethane tactile tile paving to avoid drilling some many holes.

For north countries,there is too much rain or snow, better use Dalisheng’s pineapple or diamond surface tactile indicator and strips tiles. They are anti-slip.

Any more questions about the goods or price,please contact:sales@szdalisheng.com

Post time: Mar-08-2023