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How to install steel standoff screws advertising pins?

Steel standoff screws advertising pins installation guides:

1. Prepare the materials needed ,such as steel standoff screws ,drill,plastic screws, screwdriver etc.

2. Mark the holes on the wall and use the drill to make the holes.

Put the plastic screws in the holes Unscrew the standoff screw base with the thread screw Screw the base on the wall Pass the screw thread through the glass holes Screw the standoff screws pins with the glass

Dalisheng is specialized manufacturing various stainless steel standoff screws advertising pins.We have 12 years experience.We have obtained more than 10 invention patents, more than 30 appearance design patents. Our products have been exported to Australia,UAE,Germany,Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, India, Iran, Russia, Turkey, Italy, Poland, France, South Africa, the United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina and other overseas markets and are warmly welcomed by our customers.About Our service,we can provide free sample testing, quotation and solution, after-sales with one year of warranty. 

Our main products as follows:

201/304 Stainless steel standoff screw pins,main size is :

12x20mm, 12x25mm, 12x30mm, 12x40mm, 12x50mm, 12x60mm, 16x25mm, 16x30mm, 16x40mm, 16x50mm, 16x60mm, 16x80mm, 19x25mm, 19x30mm, 19x40mm, 19x60mm, 19x80mm, 19x100mm, 19x120mm, 19x150mm, 19x200mm, 25x25mm, 25x30mm. etc.

Color Stainless steel standoff screw pins, normal color is black and brass.

Double-head advertising nails, the main size as follows:

12x30mm, 12x40mm, 12x60mm, 12x70mm, 12x80mm, 12x90mm, 12x100mm, 12x120mm, 12x130mm, 12x140mm, 12x150mm, 12x160mm, 12x200mm

Brass Adjustable balustrade decorative round mirror fixing hollow glass standoff screws 

glass spider fitting/ connector stainless steel: 90degree spider connector,180 degre connector

glass holder fitting clamp

Swimming pool glass holder clamps

Dalisheng’s advantage:

Full experience in production and design glass acrylic standoff screw pins, glass clamps, glass spider connectors

Various models for your choose. We can design size for you according to your requirements

Fast delivery time. We have many stock for normal models. For special size about 10 days.

Good quality and nice price

100% check before shipping.

Many shipping ways: by air, by sea or by road.

Application for the glass connector and clamp:

150C used for rain shed etc

200C used for medium rain shed and sightseeing lift etc

220C used for medium rain shed and sightseeing lift etc

250C used for big rain shed , sightseeing lift and glass wall etc

300C used for big rain shed ,sightseeing lift and glass wall etc

The glass connector clamp is composed of connection joints, connection claws, adapters and other components. The connection claws are mainly used as support connection joints and transfer loads to fixed supports. In the structural system, it is an important accessory to connect the glass wall.

How to install stainless steel glass spider connector fitting clamp?

1 When installing the glass wall on site, the steel beam and glass should be wired before installation, so that the installation error is small, and the number of glass and connecting claw can be accurately calculated.

2 Install the stainless steel glass spider connecting clamp claw base (adapter) between the two adjacent steel beams. The base is made of Q235B iron sleeve and welded on the steel beam. Generally, the steel beam is made of channel steel profiles. Note that the horizontal line error of the support is less than 1.5mm.

3 The spider connector is fixed on the base with a flat head, the middle section (adapter), and the crank is connected with the connecting claw through a convex shaft. After installation, it is used for re-testing to determine the stability of the glass after installation.

4. When installing the barge joint, pay attention to the sealing of the fixed position of the glass. Before tightening the barge joint, the contact surface between the barge joint and the proportion shall be seal the glue. This operation is mainly to prevent rust and rain leakage at the connection  between the glass and the barge joint.

5 The steel beam, glasses connector fitting, connecting joint, base adapter and glass can be transported to the site after assembly. When transporting the steel beam, the same as the glass and connector fitting, they must be protected with protective paper to prevent damage. After assembly, try to ensure that the adjacent diagonal error is less than 2.0mm. Fix and tighten the nuts only when the spider connector stainless steel is vertical to the steel beam

Any more questions about the goods or price,please contact:sales@szdalisheng.com

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