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Dalisheng tactile indicator studs specification


Tactile indicators make mobility easier for blind and visually impaired people. It is used to create a unique surface guidance system in combination with environmental parameters to provide orientation, orientation assistance, and orientation for people with low vision. They appear as individual raised posts set or glued to the ground like pavers.

Dalisheng has many kinds of tactile indicator studs strips tile paving.

  1. tactile indicator studs
  2. Tactile strips
  3. Steel tactile tile plate
  4. Plastic tactile tile plate
  5. ABS/TPU polyurethane tactile strip and studs
  6. Brass tactile indicator studs
  7. Carborundum tactile studs
  8. Steel road studs

Steel Tactile Strip and Indicator Specification


  1. Strip size: 280x35x5mm, with a stem underneath
  2. Indicator size :35 x 5 mm ,with a stem underneath.
  3. Photo:

acasvav (9)

  1. Warranty: 1 year
  2. Application:

Staircase, sidewalk, tactile paving etc

  1. Place of Origin:

Shenzhen, China

  1. Brand Name:


8 .Type:

Warning studs

  1. Materials:  316SUS / 304SUS
  2. Installation :

1) mark the drilling holes by marking pen

2) Drill the holes

3) Blow/take out the dust in holes

4) Put construction glue in holes and backside of the indicator

5) Put the indicator on the holes then hammer tight.

6) Adjust the distance

7) Handles the glues outside

8) Clean the dust


Post time: Oct-09-2023