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A new type of anti-slip strip – carborundum emery anti-slip strip

The carborundum anti-skid strip is a new type of anti-skid product for the garage ramp. Its material is a two-component, reaction hardening material, and its main component is a mixture of special resin and carborundum material. The ramp after construction is a coating system with good wear resistance, large structure depth and no vibration during driving, which achieves the comfortable and anti-skid effect of driving. The carborundum anti-slip strip is composed of special effective polymer, modified resin, polyhedral hard mineral aggregate, other admixtures and additives, and is constructed by special on-site technology. Its finished product has many excellent properties, such as anti-skid and wear resistance, protection of tires, reduction of tire noise, comfort and no vibration, self-cleaning in case of rain, and has beautiful and bright patterns, strong guidance, and eye-catching safety. Common colors: yellow/black bottom layer (12-15cm wide), black/green/yellow/red surface layer (50-60cm wide) Common anti-slip ramp: obtuse angle 150 degree two-way lane. Use area: basement garage entrance and exit, bicycle ramp, old lane reconstruction, anti-skid parts of concrete base. Performance characteristics The surface roughness is uniform, and there is no obvious vibration when the vehicle is running; The surface friction coefficient is large, and the vehicle is also very safe; C The slope structure is deep and not easy to accumulate water and freeze; The emery anti-slip strip is directional, visible and safe; E High compressive strength, good surface hardness and wear resistance; Good weather resistance, beautiful color and long service life; F Short construction period, short maintenance time and easy maintenance. Scope of application: Non-vibration anti-slip lane is applicable to the ramp at the car entrance and exit of the parking lot and other slopes requiring anti-slip. Performance parameters: friction coefficient, Dow abrasion, water absorption, weather resistance construction process: 1. basic cement ground treatment, coating, permeable primer; Color compressive middle layer; Line lofting of lane; Colored anti-slip surface course; 5. Service life of sprayed surface protective agent: generally more than 10 years.

How to install the ramp carborundum emery anti-slip strip:

If it is a new ramp, it shall be embedded when the surface is polished. If it is an old ramp, the installation process is complex.

1. The compass machine pulls the slot 2. The tenon slot is embedded with aluminum or copper strips 3. The step blanket or plastic anti-slip pad is paved with corundum emery anti-slip strips, which are divided into three types. One is angled, that is, L-shaped. The narrow side is about 2cm wide, which can protect the side of the stairs. The other is I-shaped, that is, without angled. Both are fixed with screws. The installed seat is generally directly against the step edge on one side, and the width of the anti-slip strip is 4-6 cm. The third is emery anti-slip strip, which only needs to open two 20MM seams, and then directly embed it.

How to install the emery anti-slip strip for stairs:

1. Clean the stairs to be paved;

2. Measure the size of stair treads and the size reserved on both sides of the installation carpet to determine the installation position;

3. Place the stair tread anti-skid pad at the determined installation position of the stair tread, fix the front of the tread pad by hand, tear off the adhesive tape at the PVC keel, and then paste it on the stair tread, and press the part where the adhesive tape contacts the stair surface with a rubber hammer or hand;

4. Then lift up the front of the anti-skid pad surface of the stair treads, tear off the other two small adhesive tapes and stick them tightly. Please do not step on the adhesive tape within 2 hours after sticking.

Post time: Mar-07-2023